Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing & Surplussing Valves

A well designed steam system will produce clean dry steam in the boiler house ready for delivery at high pressure through the distribution network. This maximises the potential to generate and supply saturated steam of the best quality at the lowest overall cost. The majority of applications however require a reduction in pressure at the point of use, the benefits of this include:

However there are some applications that have a need to sense and control upstream of the valve to maintain or disperse excess pressure in the distribution pipeline in order to safeguard the equipment using it – this requires a pressure surplussing / maintaining valve. Two main groups of pressure control valve are available for either pressure reduction or surplussing applications:

The final selection will depend on the requirements of the application and customer preferences. Whatever the reason for reducing or maintaining pressure, proper control at any time demands an automatic valve that can reduce or maintain steam pressure accurately, reliably and economically.

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