Isolation Valves

Isolation Valves

Isolation is an essential requirement in any fluid system, whether to divert flow, shut down the system, allow access for maintenance or the removal / installation of equipment.

Industrial plant and processes demand efficient operation. Spirax Sarco ball valves complement this need with safe and effective shut-off and a range of high performance, low cost options. Increasingly, users want to choose from a comprehensive range which offers a choice of body design, materials, connections, seals and options, plus specialty valves which are suitable for specific applications and different process fluids. Many users also want to be able to automate the valve if required. James J. Doherty Ltd. has a broad range which is clearly segmented to suit your application requirement and ease selection.

Globe Valves

Bronze bodied globe stop valves in sizes to suit your application.

Bellows Sealed Valves

Ball Valves

Piston Valves

Screwed and socket weld carbon steel piston type, in line stop valve for use on steam, condensate and liquid systems.

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