Air / Dirt Separators

Air and Dirt Separator Products

James J. Doherty can supply a comprehensive range of air and dirt separators that provide an ideal solution to the problems of air and dirt in heating and chilled water systems – if air and dirt are not removed, system efficiency is severely reduced.

Excess air in a system causes noise and oxidisation which in turn leads to the formation of dirt. A build up of dirt in the system will lead to increased pressure drops, blockages and premature failing of components.

Stainless Steel Air and Dirt Separators

High Efficiency, Lightweight – JP501, JP502, JP503 & JP504.

Available exclusively in the UK from Stourflex, Nonair® products use a unique patented method that removes dirt, air, sludge and solid particles from your heating and chilled water systems.

Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel & Silumin swivel flanges. Little or no pressure drop experienced even at the highest flow rates.

Carbon Steel Air and Dirt Separators

Competitive Pricing, Fixed Carbon Steel Flanges – JP600, JP601, JP602, JP603.

Traditional style Carbon Steel Air & Dirt Separator, extremely competitive pricing.

Consists of Carbon Steel Body & Stainless Steel diffuser screen. Comes complete with all required valves adaptors and air vents.

Also available from Stourflex, our JP600 wall mounting kit specifically designed to support the weight of the JP601, JP602 & JP603 when mounting on horizontal surfaces.

Pressure Step Degasser

Pressure Step Degasser – JP700.

For use on Chilled water systems with up to 40% glycol and Heating systems up to 100°C.
Maximum system volume 300m³
16 Bar design pressure
13.5 Bar maximum system working pressure
Suitable for all systems with a static head above 0.7 Bar.
Conforms to BS7671 & EN1282

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