Steam Trap Survey

Keeping steam plant at peak energy efficiency levels

To run a steam system safely and at peak operational efficiency, it is essential that all steam lines are cleared of condensate properly. This means ensuring that steam traps are working efficiently, a task best achieved by implementing a regular maintenance schedule.

A James J. Doherty Ltd. Steam Trap Survey, conducted at least annually and preferably every six months, followed by a planned maintenance programme, is the sure-fire way to maximise energy efficiency and minimise process downtime.

Wide scope for each survey

A James J. Doherty Ltd. Steam Trap Survey involves a detailed inspection of your steam traps that encompasses:

What the survey report covers

Each customer report details:

Our dedicated survey software can also provide a wealth of additional information, including:

Any steam traps found to be needing maintenance will be specified, supplied and installed as part of the fixed price contract. The cost of a Steam Trap Management Contract is typically far less than the cost of the average energy loss caused by not maintaining your steam trap population regularly.

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