Specification and Design

Specification and Design

As a James J. Doherty customer you can benefit from our broad range of steam system services. Whether you are looking for advice on choosing the right steam trap or building a complete new plant, you can be sure that our flexible steam system services will yield genuine business benefits.

Our specialists will work closely with your team to identify, design and implement improvements to your steam system and then maintain the resulting efficiency gains.

Enlisting the help of James J. Doherty leaves you free to focus on your core activities, confident that the steam supply on which your operations rely is in safe hands.

Our team will walk the plant with you to assess your requirements. We will then apply our extensive valve and associated technology expertise to offer you a structured and independent recommendation for the improvement of your process efficiency, productivity and plant effectiveness.

We will:

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For further information about our services, please contact James J. Doherty on 046 955 8050 or by email at sales@jamesjdoherty.ie.