Safety Valve Testing

Safety Valve Testing

Safety relief valve testing is one of the most important elements of an effective maintenance program. There are many techniques available for conducting pressure relief valve tests. Obviously, the most desirable type of test is one that subjects the pressure relief valves to the full operating conditions that it is expected to endure. Such a test has the advantage of assuring that all of the operating characteristics of the valve, set pressure, lift and blowdown are acceptable. However, this type of test is often impractical if not impossible.

The most practical valve test is usually the bench-testing alternative because a controlled environment can be created.

Increasing your plant’s uptime, output and bottom line

When testing critical components such as safety valves it is important to maintain plant productivity and safety, unfortunately with general test procedures the safety valve is required to be removed and maintained offline in a repair workshop. This outage and removal can often be very time consuming and costly in terms of man hours also manual handling equipment is often required.

James J. Doherty Ltd. are able to eliminate this issue by offering a safety valve testing service which can prove and test the valves in-situ.

Safety Valve Testing from James J. Doherty Ltd. will cover:

The James J. Doherty Ltd. in-situ safety valve testing is a competitive and straight forward way to understand and reprove your safety valves. It gives you the ability to also identify valves that have drifted and maybe in need of adjustments.

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